We are an open and welcoming family of friends and neighbors who share a common desire to live life to its fullest. 


We love our God, kind and wise, who made us, cares for us, and shows us how to find the joy and meaning of life as His children.

We love the people of our church, our neighborhood, and this world: God's precious creatures, each one valuable and important because God made them and loves them, and wants them cared for and brought home to Him. 


We gather together to enjoy God and His Goodness to us, to celebrate all He is and does, to learn more about Him and His ways so we can love Him better, and to find out what He has in mind for us as His children and His church.

We gather to encourage one another, to listen to each other, sharing our joys and sorrows, our triumphs and struggles, our needs and our strengths.

We gather to help and serve each other, our neighbors, and the people of this world. We strive to carry out practical deeds of kindness, compassion, relief, and assistance to deliver the love of God to people in need.

We try our best to live our lives in a way that expresses our love for God, and our desire to stay close to Him as His children, and to demonstrate His gentle, joyful, compassionate nature in the way we treat everyone we encounter.